Can I Paint My Refrigerator? Yes You Can. Here’s How…

Woman Painting: Can I Paint My Refrigerator?Painting an appliance may be a fairly new concept. However, with chalkboard paint making an appearance in homes and in the kitchen, people are now wondering, “Can you paint a fridge?”

The answer is yes, but there are a few painting tips you want to follow to make sure your refrigerator looks nice and that the paint stays intact.

1. Give a Light Sanding to Your Fridge

First, lightly sand the surface of the fridge to make sure the paint adheres. This is actually the same advice I would give someone when painting a surface that is smooth or shiny. You don’t want the paint chipping or peeling off, so give it a surface that it can stick to more easily.

A fine grit sandpaper works well, plus it will help with giving you a smoother surface to work with. However, if you only have medium grit sandpaper laying around the house, don’t worry about it. It will work fine. The idea is simply to rough up the exterior of your fridge so it is not glossy smooth.

2. Apply Extra Paint Coat “Backups”

Second, apply more than one coat of paint. Some people recommend three coats, some people go with 2. If you have enough paint on hand, three coats won’t hurt your fridge and will provide you more coverage.

According to Sunset Books’ Decorative Paint & Faux Finishes, the smoother the surface is that you will be painting on, the shorter the roller nap you want to use. For this reason, many people choose foam rollers.

Kitchen appliances are in a high-traffic area of the home and are known to get scratched and dinged. With multiple coats of paint, if your painted refrigerator does get bumped, scratched or chipped, the marks won’t show up as much because there are “backup” coats underneath.

On this note, if you have unused paint when your finished with your painting project, keep it on hand for any touch ups. Plus, as the saying goes, if you are prepared for dings and are ready to repair them – most likely they will never happen.

Woman paintingThat’s really all there is to it. I hope you were not hoping for something more complicated. The problem may be that once you actually experience how easy it is to do and how fun it is to create your own chalkboard art, you may go crazy painting other stuff in your home. Watch out!

Get Started: How to Paint a Refrigerator


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