Chalkboard Peel & Stick Decals

How to Use a Chalkboard Decal on Cabinets, etc

Chalkboard Fridge Decals that You Can Peel & Stick

Do you want a chalkboard fridge without having to paint it? Do you want a non-permanent writing surface that you can remove at any time? Then, you’ll like these chalkboard peel and stick decals!

These stickers are 100% removable. Yet, they still give you with a fun, write-able surface without ruining your refrigerator.

Decals provide the ideal solution for renters or people who don’t own their fridge. Plus, you don’t have to spend several hours on a time-consuming, messy painting project.

They are a quick fix, are not expensive and you can use them long after your refrigerator is gone because you can simply remove them and stick them somewhere else.

Chalkboard Peel and Stick Panels

You can stick, remove and reposition these inexpensive fridge panels, so they are very versatile.

In fact, if you decide you’d rather use them somewhere other than your fridge (like a wall or a cabinet) that’s OK too. They can easily be cut to the size you need, so they are perfectly customizable.

Often, people mistake these panels for magnetic chalkboards. However, they can work on non-magnetic surfaces as well due to their adhesive backing.

This is a big advantage and comes in pretty handy, since I’ve mistakenly assumed that some of my appliances had a magnetic front – when it turned out that they didn’t. Oops!

Chalkboard Decal & Panel Kits:

Chalkboard Decal Kit

Some kits, like the Wallies Peel and Stick Chalkboard, come with 4 peel and stick chalkboard sheets- plus chalk.

This means that you can use them individually (as 9″ x 12″ notepads), or you can position them together to create a larger writing/drawing area.

They are made of vinyl with a self-adhesive back – which, by the way, will not leave a sticky residue on your appliance.

They are super easy to install, adjust and move around. If you are looking for an easier project that takes virtually no time or brainpower to complete, these peel-and-stick chalkboard decals are the way to go.

Chalkboard Decal on Wall

If you are looking for a single panel instead of 4 small ones, there is a larger sized decal that you can roll out and cut into the exact size that you want.

The larger panels work great on walls, the back of doors, on cabinet panels and of course refrigerators. Use them as wall calendars, giant notepads for reminders or to do lists or in a kid’s playroom.

There are also fun shapes available, like butterflies, cars, planes, trees, clouds and more.


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