How to Add a Chalkboard in the Kitchen – 3 Easy Tips

Chalkboards are appearing in kitchens all over the place. They are perfect for kids who love to draw on walls, an efficient way to leave notes for other people and of course reminders for yourself.

How to Create a Chalkboard in the Kitchen?

Can of Rusto-oleum Black Chalkboard PaintChalkboard paint can be applied to virtually any area of a kitchen. But you can also use chalkboard contact paper or apple removable chalkboard panels. These last two options can be easier and less messy, and the removable panels are not permanent. Panels may be a good way to start for people experimenting with their first chalkboard.

Chalkboards look great on walls, cabinet doors and refrigerators. You can cover an entire space or you can frame your board using an old picture fame or build one yourself with materials from your local home improvement store.

Where Should You Put Your Chalkboard?

Chalkboard Painted Door (with a Peel-and-Stick Decal!)If you are trying to figure out where to put your new chalkboard, think about what you will be using it for and who will be using it. Do you want to design an entire mural, or do you simply want an erasable grocery shopping list? Will user be able see it… and reach it?

Another nice feature of chalkboard paint is that you can get the tint-able kind. This means that you can paint an area (or your fridge) to match with rest of your cabinetry. Alternatively, you could choose a contrasting color… that would get people’s attention!

Chalkboard Ideas: What else can you do? 

Erasable surfaces can be very useful for containers that store food (like cookies!) other items (like silverware), plant vases or flower pots, picture frames or place mats for the kids (or adults). These mason jars look pretty cool for a simple inexpensive chalkboard craft. Surfaces don’t need to be flat, so be creative. However, if they are shiny, smooth or have a glossy finish, take some sand paper to the surface to rough them up so the paint sticks (plastic doesn’t work well for this unless you use a plastic-specific primer underneath).


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