How to Clean a Chalkboard Fridge (3 Easy Ways…)

Yes, you can use an eraser or a damp cloth to wipe away chalk marks on your fridge. However, after long-term use, a chalkboard surface can get a little, well, “chalky” looking.

Personally, I like my chalkboard surface looking clean and bright, so I use a chalkboard cleaning kit. It just looks more impressive. Plus, a darker surface helps chalk stand out more.

How to Clean a Chalkboard - 3 Easy Ways

The refrigerator does take up a significant amount of visible space in the kitchen. Therefore, it makes sense that you would want it to look somewhat presentable.

Over time, you might want to get rid of that chalky look and start off with a clean slate (pardon the pun). That said, why not have it looking clean and fresh everyday, right? It doesn’t take much effort at all.

Note: This also gives you the option of having a plain black fridge without any chalk on it for a while. (We’ll see how long that lasts…)

3 Ways: How to Clean a Chalkboard

Chalkboard Cleaning Kit with All-Natural Spray, Microfiber Cloth and Magic Foam Erasers1. VersaChalk Chalkboard Cleaning Kit or Chalkola Cleaning Kit

This versatile chalkboard cleaning kit actually cleans blackboards and whiteboards. In addition, it can remove chalk pen and dry erase marker ink from other surfaces.

The kit includes Magic Erasers (amazing for removing pretty much any scuffs or marks anywhere) plus a microfiber cloth. The spray itself contains only natural ingredients, yet it quickly and effectively cleans chalk off a board, better than you might think.

Note: Microfiber works really well at magnetically attracting dust off the surface of your chalkboard. Even if you don’t use this kit, I highly recommend getting microfiber clothes to get your chalkboards really clean.

ZenErase Chalkboard Cleaner - Removes Chalk, Smudges, Fingerprints and Prevents Dust2. ZenErase Chalkboard Cleaner

Another option you can use is a spray cleaner. You spray the solution on your chalkboard surface and then wipe it off with a clean cloth.

Get chalk residue off your fridge, along with smudges and fingerprints too.

Tip: The key is to use a small amount of cleaner – a little goes a long way here.

Microfiber Chalkboard Erasers - Great for Removing Chalk Dust, Washable3. Microfiber Chalkboard Erasers

As I mentioned above, microfiber fabric works well at removing chalk dust (due to its magnetizing factor). That said, towels can sometimes be cumbersome and messy to use.

Many people prefer something with a handle that you can easily grab and push around the board. Plus, this method conveniently keeps chalk dust off of your hands.

I like microfiber chalkboard erasers because you can remove the pads and wash them. Therefore, you can use them over and over, so they last longer.

Interestingly, you can use them in other areas of your home, such as cleaning countertops, windows, fingerprints from appliances, etc.. If you’ll use them more often, I suggest getting a larger multi-pack to save money.


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