Painting Chalkboard Refrigerators: Tips, Tricks & Ideas

How to Make a Chalkboard Fridge with Paint

Do you want to know how to paint your fridge with chalkboard paint?

You landed in the right place because we’ve got lots of cool tricks and ideas for you. Chalkboard paint is one of the latest concepts being used in home decor.

Not only is it inexpensive and easy to use, but this specialty paint provides functionality in addition to creating that shabby-chic appeal.

Of course, people are painting furniture, tabletops, pottery, chairs, cabinets and other items using chalk paint. However, you can also use it to transform large kitchen appliances as well!

With the right supplies and proper prep work, you can create a stylish new chalkboard refrigerator in an afternoon. Plus, the result is durable, functional and looks you purchased a new custom fridge.

Here are a few things to consider before getting started:

1. How Permanent do You Want Your Chalkboard?

fridge peel-and-stick calendar

Yes, you can paint your refrigerator, but you can also get chalkboard fridge panels or peel-and-stick chalkboard sheets that you can remove whenever you want. Peel-and-stick decals can be used for calendars, grocery lists or memos, and they can be purchased in a variety of sizes.

Although the less permanent “boards” have the benefits of being easier and of course, removable – the disadvantage is that they don’t provide the custom, finished look that a painted fridge has.

Some people get a set of these panels and apply them to one side of their fridge. They also work well on walls and kitchen cabinets. You can also cut them to the size you need to them, so they are actually quite versatile.

2. What Color Do You Want to Paint Your Fridge?

That’s right. You don’t need to paint your kitchen appliances black. Chalkboard paint can be tinted any color you want, so you can choose a shade that stands out and makes a statement – or one that blends in with your cabinetry, walls or doors. See this page on choosing paint .

I’ve seen people paint refrigerators bright red , and they actually look really nice. On the other hand, if your kitchen is full of earth-tones, a matching tan, sand or stone-colored appliance could fit it really well.

Note: One thing to keep in mind with color is that if you want to write or draw on the surface with white chalk or markers, stick with a darker color paint so that you can actually see the chalk.

Speaking of color options, don’t assume that painting a refrigerator with chalkboard paint is your only option. Many people don’t know that they can turn their regular old white or black appliance into one of stainless steel – without having to pay the high price.

There are even DIY kits that let regular homeowners do the job themselves! Rather than paying $1000 for a new stainless steel fridge – why not paint your old one for just $80?

3. How to Make a Chalkboard Fridge Magnetic?

Many refrigerators do not have magnetic doors or sides. However, with a special magnetic primer, you can stick magnets all over your fridge. This is as simple as painting a coat of primer underneath your layer of chalkboard paint.

The downside is that primer adds more cost and work to your project – and sometimes the cost of primer is more than the paint. A magnetic surface is really cool – just make sure you want it.

4. How Do You Want to Paint Your Refrigerator?

More choices! You can brush, roll or also use spray paint. I’d say the majority of people use foam rollers to apply their paint because they are less expensive, easy to use and produce a clean, finished look. Get painting instructions here , including tips like pre-sanding the surface and taping off edges.

Paint brushes leave brush marks and spray cans are more expensive and can sometimes be a little messy. That said, spray paint can be quick and leave an even finish if you know how to use it.

5. The EZ Dry Erase Fridge Option


If you like the idea of writing on your refrigerator door but don’t want the hassle of having to make your own, you can buy one. There are a few compact mini dorm fridges that come with dry erase surfaces and markers. You can get them in black or white.

For about $100-$150 bucks you can have your own pre-made whiteboard/drink cooler shipped right to your door. These are perfect for the garage, game room, a mini bar, dorm room, etc.. Although they only come in the small version, they are cheap, easy and require no work.


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