DIY Chalkboard Refrigerator Panels…. Made Easy

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Another way to create a custom look to your fridge is to add refrigerator door panels. However, refrigerator panels are usually expensive to buy, and often need to be custom made.

Instead, try the easy and inexpensive DIY method using vinyl chalkboard panels that stick in place. Plus, you can quickly remove them without damaging the surface of your fridge.

Do you have an old fridge that you are simply trying to hide? You may find that adding custom panels costs more than the fridge itself.

The Solution to Expensive Refrigerator Door Panels:

Magnetic Chalkboard Fridge Panels
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Recently though, we’ve seen lots of DIY refrigerator door panels that are really cool-looking and easy to make. They don’t cost a lot in materials, and you don’t have to be a skilled craftsperson either. Some match the surrounding cabinets while others don’t. Of course, some include handy chalkboard panels.

There are several ways that you can go about this project, and it may involve some experimentation if you’re up for it. The panels you create will depend on the shape of your refrigerator doors, how you want the doors to look and whether or not you want them to match the rest of your kitchen. We’ve provided some ideas below.

How to Make Fridge Door Panels as Shown Above.

This is simply a white fridge with 2 chalkboard panels attached with heavy duty magnets. You can get magnets that screw into your chalkboard panels. Then stick securely to your appliance so you don’t have to worry about it moving when you open the door.

Get a thin sheet of plywood. Frame it with molding and paint the frame to match the color of your fridge. On the other hand, if you want your refrigerator to be a different color, paint everything. Also remember to remove any handles if necessary before attaching the panels.

As you can see, this project didn’t involve trying to conceal the fridge or match it to the cabinets (which are blue). However, it looks fresh and new and creates a cozy feel in the kitchen where it might otherwise have just looked like a dull, old appliance taking up space.

A nice bonus to this option is that it is not permanent.

Sophisticated Fridge Panel Project… Made Simple

Custom Paneled Refrigerator
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In this next example, you’ll notice that they added panels to the front. That said, they left the handles intact and simply worked around them (and the ice/water dispenser). Although it’s not completely hidden within the other cabinetry, this simple project gives it a custom look that makes it stand out less.

What they actually did here is quite crafty. They only added the panel frames and then painted the entire fridge 1 color. Less materials means a less expensive project. However, it may require more patience and skill to make it come out looking good. When doing this, it’s a good idea to add a bead of caulk along the inside seam of the frame where it touches the door so that it looks like it’s all one piece.

Another option is to paint the door within the frames with chalkboard paint (in any color, of course). If you wanted to go really crazy, you could make it a 4-color refrigerator!

How to Conceal Your Fridge Using Panels

White Refrigerator Door Panels
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Do you have a smaller appliance or counter-depth fridge? You can more easily add door panels with matching cabinetry handles to fit in with the rest or your kitchen.

As you can see, the panels are extremely simple. You could make them using the techniques described above.

The matching kitchen hardware is key to making it look custom-made. Plus, you can fool your friends when they are trying to find a glass of juice.

Remember, these panels can also be painted with tinted chalkboard paint if you want. It will still look like a cabinet door.

Using Wallpaper on a Fridge?

Wallpaper-Covered Fridge Doors
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Check this one out. It’s got wallpaper on it. Yes, wallpaper.

The owner created the door panel frames and attached them to the doors over beadboard wallpaper.

You can use this simple and inexpensive technique to transform an entire kitchen without having to pay for a costly remodel.

It’s brilliant!

The door handles were actually purchased at a craft store and then spray painted silver, another cheap option to regular hardware.

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In this example, the owner used actually beadboard and attached the panels to the doors with a hot glue gun. Although the hardware doesn’t match the rest of the existing kitchen, the farm-style look fits right in with the rest of the decor – and once again, it fools the eye into thinking it is yet another storage cabinet.

Photos/Ideas Using Chalkboard Refrigerator Panels:

Chalkboard Fridge Panels
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Chalkboard Painted Fridge Panels
Refrigerator Chalkboard Panels
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