Chalkboard Art – How to Do It

Blackboard and chalkChalkboard art can be a fun way to transform a wall, cabinet door or fridge into a work of art.

What’s cool about chalkboards it hat they don’t have to be perfect – they aren’t meant to be. People expect them to have a custom, unique and almost quirky look that is usually temporary and changeable. This means that you don’t have to be “good” artist to create and interesting piece that is visually appealing.

Creating chalkboard art doesn’t have to be about pictures, either. Some artists use a variety of different font styles to create to create an entire wall mural.

chalkboard fontUse individual words or write sentences. Create a menu, to do list or chalkboard calendar. There are lots of possibilities – and a refrigerator door is big enough to accommodate most of them. Check out these pictures for ideas and this inspirational gallery from Wheaton College students in Norton Massachusetts.

The great thing about creating art with fonts is that you can start with short words. Do a search for font styles online and print them out so you have an example to work from.

There are actually some fonts that aren’t that difficult, but they look really impressive. Add a little color to add even more dimension to your design.

When you are ready to start your design, draw it out on a piece of paper first (see this example). This gives you a template to work off of. Use a rag with a little water (or a q-tip for small spaces) to erase mistakes, make changes and create sharp, crisp edges around your art. This will help you create a cleaner, more finished look.

But your work of art doesn’t stop when you’ve finished it. Oh no! After that, it’s time to design a new one. Well, maybe not right away, but after a few months when you’re tired of your chalkboard art, you can literally erase it, clean your chalkboard and start with a clean slate.

Create new designs for the seasons, holidays, events or special occasions. Surprise family members or friends. In fact, it can be fun to have a “chalkboard party” and create a group mural where everyone can contribute a portion and you can have fond memories for months to come.


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