How to Make Chalkboard Paint – (4 Different Ways!)

Besides being able to make your own chalkboard, you can also make your own chalkboard paint with which to paint it! But why would you want to do this?

DIY Chalkboard Paint Recipe - 4 Easy Ways

Well, for one thing, homemade can often cost less than store-bought chalkboard paint. Plus, it’s a simple project, using materials you can get at your local hardware store. (You might even have them already in your house!).

For people who just need a small batch of paint for a craft project, DIY chalk paint can also provide an easy solution.

Easy Chalkboard Paint Recipe:

DIY Chalkboard Paint Recipe: How to Make Chalkboard PaintHomemade DIY chalkboard paint is typically made with flat latex paint and un-sanded tile grout. That’s it. It’s that simple. You can find specific measurements (and other helpful tips) in the video below.

You’ll need a container in which to mix your paint (preferably one with a lid if you want to save any extra paint) and a stir stick. A foam brush or foam roller is suggested for applying the paint, since you can easily avoid brush marks this way.

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Note: If you want to save money and like disposable foam brushes, you can get a 22-piece foam brush and roller set for under $15. This is a great deal for crafters or people who do small painting projects.

Click here for un-sanded tile grout

But what if you don’t want to use un-sanded tile grout? Some people don’t. Maybe you’d prefer to use baking soda or cornstarch instead.

Do you already have these common cooking items in your kitchen? Then you can save yourself the time and money of going to the store to buy the grout. It’s really just personal preference.

In any case, using this DIY method can be a lot cheaper than buying pre-made chalk paint at the store. Furthermore, if you have an unused paint can laying around, and it’s a color you like, you can have yourself some free paint!

3 More Ways to Make Chalkboard Paint:

If you want to save even more money, you can also make chalkboard paint with cheap ingredients that you may also have laying around the house. These are quick and easy recipes that basically involve stirring.

Note: Use latex paint for these DIY chalkboard paint recipes. However, don’t use the kind that has primer mixed in with it because it will gunk-up with mixture.

With Baking Soda:

With Corn Starch

With Plaster of Paris

Note: You will not notice a difference as you apply the paint. However, after the paint dries, you will see and feel the chalk-like texture.


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