How to Make a Chalkboard Wall Without Paint 1-2-3

What if you want to draw on your wall, but you don’t want to start a chalkboard painting project? Here’s how to make a chalkboard wall without paint – the easy way!

How to Make a Chalkboard Wall with PaintFirst, you’ll need extra-large chalkboard decals. They typically come in long narrow rolls, so they are simpler to work with.

These wall panels don’t cost a lot, and they’re actually easier to apply than standard wallpaper. Plus, you can simply cut them to size (with a knife or scissors) to custom-fit your space or even a door.

If you have a large wall, for example, you can buy multiple rolls and install them side-by side. Lay them against the wall from top to bottom and flatten them as you go.

Second, you’ll probably wall to have 2 people for the installation. In addition, there are a few supplies you want to have on hand (that you probably already have laying around the house).

Liquid Chalk Markers for Drawing on Chalkboard WallNote: These panels have a flat, matte finish, so they make your wall look like an authentic blackboard.

Plus, they work with liquid chalk markers (some chalkboard-painted surfaces don’t work with the markers).

How to Apply a Chalkboard Wall Decal:

How to Apply Chalkboard Wall DecalJust like other wall decals (and some wallpaper), you simply remove the backing and stick the vinyl chalkboard decal to the wall. That said, I’ve included some tips from the manufacturer.

First of all, you want to clean the wall surface of any dust or dirt. In addition, you want the surface to be flat rather than textured.

For example, this chalkboard sticker will work on glass, tile, metal, wood, smooth plastic and painted walls.

On the other hand, it will not work well on textured wallpaper or heavily-textured paint.

Smoother and Knife Set for Applying Chalkboard Wall DecalSecond, slowly peel the back sheet off and lay the decal on the wall starting at a top corner. (By the way, two people will have an easier time hanging the chalkboard decal than one.)

Press the sticker onto the wall and smooth out any bubbles as you go (demonstrated in the video below). I suggest using something like a smoother, a plastic putty knife or even a hard kitchen spatula.

Note: To maximize the stickiness of the wall decal, unroll it and lay it flat for a day before application. Not to mention, it also makes the product easier to work with.

Steps for How to Make a Chalkboard Wall Without Paint:

The video below explains the supplies you’ll need and steps to take for best results:

How to Clean a Chalkboard Wall:

You can simply use a damp cloth to wipe down your chalkboard. However, the manufacturer recommends using detergent-based wet wipes. They work the best at removing all chalk residue and dust. Not to mention, they’re ultra convenient.

Where Should You Put Your Chalkboard Wall?

Matte Black Chalkboard Wall with Stick-On Vinyl Decal Instead of PaintI love chalkboard walls because they inspire kids (as well as adults) to get creative. For instance, you can use them for drawing, playing games, doodling, brainstorming or leaving messages.

Plus, these easy-to-install, durable wall panels double as one-of-a-kind decoration for your home. In other words, they can enhance virtually any room of your home (they’re waterproof!)

Think playroom, kitchen, hallway, mudroom, entryway, dining room, closet, living room or home office! With the sophisticated, clean matte black finish, you can make your chalkboard walls look as professional or as playful as you want.

Specs for Vinyl Chalkboard Decals:

Chalkboard Decal for Wall

  • Dimensions: 9 Feet Long x 17.8″ Wide
  • Thickness: 120 Microns (upgraded thickness)
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Material: PVC Vinyl (Non-Toxic)
  • Waterproof
  • Self-Adhesive
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Includes Free Chalk
  • Model #: LX-1R
  • Brand: MMFB Arts & Crafts
  • Get the Chalkboard Wall Decal Here


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