How to Make a Dry Erase Mini Fridge for $15

DIY Dry Erase Mini FridgeIf you can’t find the dry erase mini fridge that you want for the price you like – why not make your own?

That’s right! Just like chalkboard fridge panels that you can peel and stick, you can buy removable dry erase panels that you can attach to your fridge as well.

Do you already have a mini fridge or want to buy a particular model that doesn’t include a dry erase surface? I’ve found the perfect solution!

No more searching for the special appliance with a writable surface. Now you can have your fridge and write on it too. Haha!

Super Easy DIY Dry Erase Mini Fridge Project:

DIY dry erase mini fridge panels

You can get a 2-foot x 3-foot panel for about $15, which easily covers the front of any mini refrigerator (and then some). It’s called a Peel-and-Stick Dry Erase Message Board Decal. You can cover a side of your fridge as well, depending on the size of your appliance.

You may also decide to use any leftover pieces to make extra message boards on cabinets or doors, design labels for containers or create other writable surfaces. All sheets can be cut to size, so this make the application process a snap.

I find it easiest to apply the decal to the front of your refrigerator first, starting at the top right or left-hand corner. Then, simply cut the excess material after you have covered the door. For a clean, crisp cut, use an Exacto knife or box cutter along a straight-edge.

No messy paint to deal with or rollers to purchase or waiting for paint to dry. Just stick and cut to size. Then write!

Key Points Before You Start:

  • Simple to install (just peel and stick)
  • Remove at any time, no sticky residue left behind
  • Easily cut to the size you need without fancy tools – just use scissors or a box knife
  • WallPops dry erase marker included free (and cap has eraser on the tip!)

Dry Erase MarkersI know what you’re thinking. These dry erase panels can do a lot more than transform your fridge.

Soon, you’ll be able to write on everything in your house because it’s covered with peel-and-stick dry erase decals.

In that case, you might want to get yourself some more pens


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