9 Easy DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas

9 Easy Chalkboard Paint IdeasDo you have leftover paint from painting your chalkboard fridge? Below I’ve listed 9 easy chalkboard paint ideas you can try at home.

There are plenty of ways you can make use of your extra chalkboard paint without letting it go to waste. Hey – I already know that you’re crafty, so you’ll probably like these chalkboard ideas.

Paint Chalkboard Labels – this is a great way to label items in your pantry or kitchen cabinets – especially if you refill the containers. Just re-write the labels! Chalkboard paint labels are also an easy way to create a uniform look with a bunch of mis-matched containers. Very shabby-chic!

Dip Chalkboard-Painted Glasses – you can actually paint, spray or dip your glasses. You can also paint a shaped section, a stripe or dip the stem of a set of wine glasses. This is a great technique for labeling with guest’s names, by the way.

Make a Chalkboard Table – not a good idea if you don’t have a lot of leftover paint. On the other hand, this sure makes a cool writing surface for entertaining young kids!

Create Chalkboard Candle Holders – super simple and very Halloween-ish.

Paint Chalkboard Coasters – a very creative idea using plain old tiles that you can get very inexpensively at your local home improvement store. Plus, it’s a fun project for kids.

Design Herb Pots – which herb did you plant in that pot? Now you know, because you’ve got it labeled, thanks to chalkboard paint.

Make Chalkboard Picture Frames – these make fun gifts (or crafts for kids to make) on wide frames that you can write or draw on.

Create Chalkboard Place Mats – have kids?

Re-Use a Cabinet Door as a Front Entry Sign – this is an interesting way to transform an old cabinet door into a funky welcome sign by your front door (that you can change with the seasons!)

Once you start crafting, I’m sure you will come up with lots more ideas for chalkboard paint. It’s very useful in re-furbishing old items, creating unique and special gifts, and of course turning regular surfaces into write-able ones!


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