5 Easy Tips for Applying Chalkboard Paint on Glass

Paint Me!Chalkboard paint works really well on glass because of non-porous surface dries quickly and provides a smooth area to work with. You can create (1) changeable “labels” on beer glasses or (2) dip wine glass stems in paint for a unique look.

Don’t forget (3) small glass containers like mason jars or spice jars. Even (4) lids provide a paintable space that can work as an erasable label when you change the contents of the jar.

While you’re at it, why not organize your entire pantry with chalkboard paint – (5) creating labels on larger containers that list contents, ingredients, recipes or expiration date. You can always erase of change them!

But can you use chalkboard paint on glass? Why yes you can! And you don’t need a special type of paint to do it. Chalk paint can be used on a variety of different surfaces, such as wood, metal and glass.

Plastic surfaces get best results when you use a primer first. Plus, bendable objects typically will crack and chip, so painting them is not advised. Alternatively, you can use chalkboard peel and stick labels.

Pantry Chalkboard Labels - peel and Stick

Chalk Painting Tips on Glass:

Use a foam brush to avoid getting paintbrush marks on your project and use stencils (or painter’s tape) to achieve clean, crisp lines that make your artwork look professional and classy. Use bright white chalk markers to get clean, crisp easy-to-read text.

And did you know that you can get chalkboard paint in all different colors? You can even make your own colorful chalkboard paint.

Check out this video to find out some great chalkboard paint ideas, kitchen organizing and labeling tips – and even some super cool gift ideas that are easy and inexpensive to make!

This next video also shows how to use chalkboard paint on glass in a little more detail. Keep in mind that you can use paint in a can, spray paint or you can dip your item, depending on the project you are doing.


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