How to Paint a Refrigerator with Rust

Do you have an old rusted fridge that works well – but looks awful? Here’s how to paint a refrigerator with rust to make it look beautiful again.

How to Paint a Refrigerator with Rust to Look New

1. Scrape/Sand Rusty Patches Off Fridge:

How to Paint Over Rust to Look NewFirst, remove as much loose rust as possible with a scraper. Then, you want to sand down the rusty spots with sandpaper.

I personally like sanding blocks because they are easy to grip onto. There are comfortable to work with, and consequently make sanding more enjoyable.

In addition, each side of the sanding block typically has a different level of grit. Therefore, you can start with a stronger grit to speed up the job. Then, switch to a finer grit to achieve a smooth finish without having to buy multiple blocks.

2. Spray Primer Over Rust Prior to Painting Fridge:

Second, spray a primer over the rusty area. Primer will help paint adhere to rusted metal, so it’s worth taking this extra step before painting. This also helps prevent discoloration later in your painted finish.

3. How to Paint Your Refrigerator:

Third, remove any door handles and tape hinges and edges before you paint. This prep work takes a little time, but ends up speeding up how much time you spend painting. (Not to mention, it will make your paint job look more professional.)

Hammered Metal Spray Paint for Painting a Rusty Fridge DoorMany people choose to spray paint their fridges versus using a roller because you don’t have to worry about roller marks. However, what if the surface of your refrigerator door is uneven due to rust?

You can easily solve this issue by using textured spray paint. No, it won’t look like a popcorn ceiling. Rather, the texture is more subtle, and you can buy it in a variety of different neutral colors.

And, depending on the color and sheen that you choose, you can actually make your refrigerator look like a heavy-duty commercial style model.

For example, you can can get paint that looks like hammered metal, vintage style aged iron or with a stone-like finish. The light texturing can hide the unwanted surface blemishes while giving your rusty refrigerator door a new, fresh look.

If your fridge door doesn’t have blemishes, knicks or an uneven surface, you can also repaint it with a stainless steel finish. You can also buy black chalkboard spray paint.

Note: If your appliance has 2 doors, like for a fridge and a freezer, you can paint them 2 different colors. For example, one side can be a chalkboard while the other has a hammered metal finish, or a bright glossy color. The options are endless.


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