3 Easy Ideas for a Kitchen Chalkboard Menu Planner

Chalkboard Menu Planner on Fridge
Do you want to have a chalkboard meal planner on your fridge without having to paint your entire refrigerator?

Well, I’ve got 3 great solutions for you, and they are cheap and easy.

In fact, I’ve listed some great ideas below on ways you can also make your own for even less money.

1. Chalkboard Menu Planner

The first option is a 12″ x 16″ magnetic black dry erase board that you can stick on your fridge (or wall for that matter). It’s organized by day with an extra section for a grocery list and notes.

The size provides plenty of space to write without taking over the refrigerator door. It’s also made from a heavier-duty vinyl so it looks nice and stands up to normal wear and tear.

It does not come with liquid chalk markers, so pick some up if you don’t already have some.

Note: this product also comes in white, if you happen to have a white fridge and want it to blend in.

2. Chalkboard Meal Planner

Chalkboard Meal Planner in KitchenThis second planner, or “Meal Planning Calendar”, is fairly similar. The main difference is that you can write down the menus by meal in addition to day of the week. Again, you get a grocery list section, which I really like.

It is the same size however (12″ x 16″). However, there is less area to write per section, since the planner is divided into meals instead of just days.

Just like the menu planner above, this magnetic chalkboard is easy to stick, move and clean. It’s very versatile and functional, especially for busy families. If you sometimes feel like you are in 10 places at once, you’ll like this.

Another cool thing that I like about these menu planners is that they are great for helping you stick to a diet. Having a blatant message board staring you right in the face when you open the fridge really works!

3. DIY Kitchen Menu Chalkboard

DIY Chalkboard Menu
courtesy of https://whipperberry.com
Alternatively, you can make your own weekly menu chalkboard by simply buying some peel-n-stick chalkboard vinyl. Cut it to the size and shape you want, stick to any surface and remove it if you want to move it somewhere else.

You can get a large roll (17″ x78″) of this chalkboard decal material for only about $10 right now. It even comes with chalk.

That said, you’ll need to get creative and design your own chalkboard menu board. Whipperberry.com has a step-by-step tutorial on how to design a chalkboard menu (on furniture) using paint.

More Easy Chalkboard Ideas:

Check out the video below to get more DIY chalkboard craft and gift ideas. You can create some really unique and custom-looking items that come in handy because you can write on them too. =)


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