Chalkboard Labels: 3 Ways to Make Them

Chalkboards have moved beyond the classroom wall. In fact, these handy writing surfaces are really convenient for people who like to stay organized.

Chalkboard labels (or chalkboard stickers) seem to be all the rage right now, and they are easy and cheap to make. Not to mention, they look super cool too. By the end of this article, you will not only know where to buy these stickers, but you will know how to make chalkboard labels as well.

Check out these containers below:

chalkboard labels

Of course, you can buy pre-made labels and make the job easy (or they make a great gift too!), or you can make your own for cheap.

1. Punch Out Your Labels

Handheld Portable Chalkboard Label PunchOne way to make your labels is with adhesive chalkboard paper and a hole punch. Typically, chalkboard paper comes in large rolls, so be prepared to spend about $8-10 on this, but you will be able to make a bunch of labels.

Hole punches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some perfect for making labels. They make the job quick and fun, and you can get some pretty cool looking designs, like scalloped or wavy edges, that might be difficult to cut yourself. These run about $15-10.

Can of Rustoleum Black Chalkboard Spray Paint

2. Paint Your Chalkboard Labels

Another simple way to make your labels is to simply buy some rectangular mailing labels at your local stationary store and paint them with chalkboard paint.

Spray paint is easy to use and leaves a really smooth finish, but you can also get a can of paint and brush it on.

When the paint dries, the labels are all ready to peel off their backing and stick on your jars, buckets, tubs and other containers.

3. Use a Label Template

chalkboard label template
courtesy of

If you don’t want all of your labels to look identical, and you are willing to spend a little more time creating them, you can download a free template and cut out your own stickers like the one on the right. Cut out the template and then trace it one the labels or adhesive paper you are using.

The scalloped edges edges can be challenging, but the simpler designs are a lot easier. Using this technique, it’s easier to outline and cut the designs first, and then paint them – unless you are using chalkboard contact paper.

Writing on Your Labels:

With small labels, liquid chalk markers are a lot easier to use than regular chalk (especially on chalkboard labels for jars). They look cleaner, and with a finer tip they allow you to write more if you need to.

Colored Chalkboard Labels:

And don’t forget that your labels don’t need to be black! You can get tint-able chalkboard paint (or make your own) and choose any color you want. Keep in mind that you may want to select a bright or dark color so that the chalk shows up!


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