Chalkboard Contact Paper – Ways to Use it

Chalkboard contact paper is an easy and mess-free alternative to using chalkboard paint. Use it for projects that have large flat surfaces. On the other hand, you can cut the roll into smaller pieces to make small chalkboard labels for glasses, boxes or other containers.

Chalkboard Contact Paper Roll Sticks to Walls, Cabinets, Fridge and More

Where to Buy Chalkboard Contact Paper:

Amazon sells vinyl wall decals in large rolls of about 6.5 feet long x 18 inches wide. These panels work well if you want to cover a large area on a wall, an appliance like a fridge or dishwasher.

In addition, you can create multiple blackboards or craft items as gifts for friends. The rolls don’t cost much money when you consider how useful the erasable chalkboard surface is. (Not to mention, you don’t have to spend time painting.)

You can also find this type of contact paper at crafts stores like Micheal’s. Stores like Walmart, Home Depot and other hobby shops usually carry it too.

The video below shows how to make a simple and inexpensive chalkboard for a refrigerator using chalkboard paper and special duct tape for a frame.

Note: Chalkboard contact paper has a big advantage over chalk paint in that you can remove it. These peel-and-stick decals simply peel off of the surface that you stick them too. Consequently, they work well as temporary wall decor for people living in apartments or renting office space.


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