How Much Chalkboard Paint Do I Need?

If you plan on painting a fridge, wall or large tabletop, you may wonder, “How much chalkboard paint do I need?”

This will depend on two factors:

  1. If you plan on using 1 coat of paint or 2
  2. If you are using brush-on or spray paint

How Much Chalkboard Paint is Needed for a Wall or a Fridge?

Chalkboard Paint Colors: How Much Chalkboard Paint Do I Need?
Yes, you can tint chalkboard paint
Note: I have used one coat or paint on many projects, and that amount has worked out just fine. However, many people recommend using two coats, especially on well-trafficked surfaces like refrigerators or walls. It makes a noticeable difference on surfaces where you are not using primer.

To paint an average-sized fridge using 2 coats of paint, all you need is one 30-oz can. If you want to use spray paint, see the cost calculation below. It basically will cost twice as much as using brush-on.

The amount of paint needed for a wall is much easier to calculate, since we can simply measure height by length to get the square footage. For example, one can of 30-oz paint should cover a wall that measure 10 feet x 10 feet. However, if you want to apply two coats of paint, get 2 cans.

Note: Spray paint is typically faster and easier and can eliminate any potential brush marks. At the same time, these conveniences will cost you most money per square foot, so keep that in mind.

Cost Comparison of Brush-On Paint VS Spray Can:

Chalkboard Paint Price ComparisonOne 30 oz can of Rustoleum chalkboard paint covers up to 110 square feet. Other brands like Krylon make paint as well and sell them at a comparable price (about $15-20) and area coverage.

An 11 oz can of chalkboard spray paint, on the other hand, coves up to 12 square feet and costs about $4. This means you would need about 9 cans of spray paint to achieve the same coverage of one 30 oz can of paint. This would end up costing approximately $36 vs $15-20.

Can of PaintThis is one of the cheapest ways to update the look of a refrigerator, and in turn, the entire kitchen. That said, if you are looking for way to spend even less money – find out how to make your own chalkboard paint from scratch. It’s easy!

Something I Learned:

After I painted my first chalkboard table, I decided I wanted to paint some picture frames and ceramic pots to match. It was very convenient that I had some leftover paint. If you think that this situation might happen to you, plan ahead. =)


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