Chalk Lettering Made Easy – & Chalkboard Letter Stencils

How to Do Chalk Lettering BookDo you want to learn how to do chalk lettering for signs, menus or home decor?

This book, The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering, shows you how to create all sorts of letter styles as well as graphics. Plus, you learn how to develop your own style, which actually makes chalkboard art much easier.

This comprehensive guide contains 60 lessons, including 12 projects where you can practice your newly-learned skills. However, you don’t have to complete all lessons to become proficient in chalkboard lettering.

1. Learn How to Write with Chalk:

First, you learn the basic handwriting and letter styles. For example, serif, sans serif and script.

2. Chalkboard Art Layout Ideas:

Next, you get the steps to making a design layout, including how to combine letter styles together. Plus, you’ll find out how to create that 3D look with easy shadow techniques.

3. Get Advanced Chalk Writing Techniques + Art Tips:

In addition this chalk writing guidebook has instructions on drawing borders and framing to emphasize text. Altogether, you can combine these creative strategies to put together an attractive, professional-looking chalkboard mural – and have fun doing it!

Video Chalk Art Tutorial:

The video tutorial below demonstrates how to make calligraphy lettering. I particularly like the eraser trick with the Q-tip for creating clean, crisp lines because it makes erasing mistakes super simple. =)

Chalkboard Sign with Chalk Art and Lettering

Chalk Lettering is Easier
than You Think:

Chalkboard lettering doesn’t have to be complicated to create great art.

In fact, adding a unique frame around your board can transform a boutique sign or cafe menu into something that looks really cool.

For example, check out the sign to the right. You can even incorporate this concept into chalkboard wall art in your kitchen, entryway or home…

Alternatively, you can buy a set of chalk stencils for making larger signs.

Liquid Chalk Markers for Drawing Colorful Chalkboard Art:

If you want to get more artistic, you can incorporate color into your lettering and designs. This liquid chalk marker set contains 32 different colors and reversible pen tips.

Chalk Markers for Signs, Walls and Decor

Therefore, you have lots of options as far as what colors you can use. Plus, the darker and lighter shades make it really easy to create shadowing on colored letters and objects.

Complete Set of Liquid Chalk Markers with 32 ColorsWhen used on non-porous surfaces, pen marks wipe off clean very easily. For example, chalkboard decals and wallpaper, menu boards, labels, windows, mirrors, etc..

In addition, the pens have a water-based chalk “ink”. Therefore, any marks wash off easy from your skin or clothes (kid friendly too!).

Note: Many people prefer liquid chalk markers because they don’t make a lot of dust.

Plus, this set provides a lot more color options and artistic pen tips, so you can achieve a fancier look with less effort. =)


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