A Chalkboard Calendar… Fridge?


A great way to use your chalkboard fridge is… as a giant calendar. You can also buy a magnetic chalkboard calendar to stick on your refrigerator.

Not only can you erase it each month, it gives you lots of space to write. It’s also right in front of your face – perfect for meal planning or a diet too!

Using colored liquid chalk markers can help you categorize different types of activities within your calendar, so that you can easily locate the information you need. Colors also make it more fun!

A fridge calendar can also serve as a large message board for family members. Everyone can see it, so they know what’s going on. Plus, each person can add to it, making it easier to coordinate.

There are several ways you can create your chalkboard calendar.

Option #1:

First, you can paint your entire refrigerator and simply outline the area you want to use with chalk. This gives you maximum space.

chalkboard calendarOption #2:

Second, you can apply plain magnetic or vinyl peel and stick chalkboard fridge decals to your refrigerator door (or side if accessible). These are removable rather than permanent, and you can get them in several different sizes.

Depending on how big you want your calendar, you could get a single decal that measures about 25″ by 38″ or you could get several smaller squares and align them together.

Since they are plain black decals, it you decide to use them for something else besides a calendar down the road… no problem.

Magnetic Chalkboard CalendarOption #3:

Third, you can get a pre-made peel-and-stick vinyl chalkboard calendar kit. These kits come with pre-marked days that you simply set-up for the particular month. They are clean-looking and actually really inexpensive (about $20-30). For this price, you could even use one as a menu calendar and another in your home office for scheduling.

Size measurements are about 17″ wide by 12″ high, so make sure your fridge door can accommodate the calendar.


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