3 Reasons to Use Liquid Chalk Markers

Liquid Chalk Markers for Drawing on Chalkboard WallIf you want to create artwork or designs on your chalkboard fridge or other erasable surface, you will probably like liquid chalk markers better than regular chalk.

1. Thin, Chiseled Chalk Marker Tips:

For one reason, they are thinner and have chiseled tips. Your drawings come out looking crisp and clean looking. This also makes text easier to read, especially if you are using smaller font.

2. Liquid Chalk Markers Don’t Have Dust:

A second reason why people prefer liquid chalk pens is that there’s no dust! Some people don’t even know there is such a thing as liquid markers (I didn’t!). Therefore, they think that they have to use a dry erase board instead – but this is not true. Go for the chalkboard surface if you want to and simply use these special markers.

3. Use Liquid Chalk on Multiple Surfaces:

Surfing Chalkboard PictureThe third reason why these liquid chalk pens are so cool is that you can use them on other surfaces in addition to your chalkboard. Write on your bathroom mirror, a glass window or even whiteboards. Do you forget things a lot or just like writing notes to yourself or others? You may not be able to go without these pens.

4. Liquid Chalk Costs More than Regular Chalk Sticks:

The downside is that they are more expensive than regular chalk, especially the really dusty old school stuff. That said, chalkboard paint is cheaper than dry erase paint, so you can take the money that you save on your board and put it toward some really cool pens!


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