New Dry Erase Chalkboard Fridge (+ Freezer) with 2 Doors

Dry Erase ChalkBoard Fridge Double DoorHere’s a cool “chalkboard” fridge that I just ran across. It’s the first compact fridge+freezer model that I’ve seen with a dry erase surface. I know, some of the single-door compacts do have what they call a freezer space. However, I don’t really count that, as it can’t accommodate more than the mini ice cube trays…

I’ve got a compact 2-door refrigerator myself, and I like it better than the single-door models because it has a “true” freezer. This feature comes in very handy if you need to make ice cubes, store ices cream or other freezables. This model also features an energy star rating. You won’t feel guilty about having a second fridge (if that’s what you’re getting).

Obviously, it’s great as a dorm room fridge as well because it doesn’t take up much space. That said, it has more versatility due to the separate freezer. It’s also perfect for a kid’s playroom if you need to store snacks or drinks because of the fun writable surface.

The dry erase surface makes it a good addition to office, workspace or garage as well because it doubles as a notepad and bulletin board. You could also turn it into a cool mini bar in almost any room. With the dry-erase surface, it can look more like a work of art than a regular appliance. =)

Details: Whynter 3.1 Cubic Ft Compact Fridge in Black with Neon Blue Pen Included

Dry Erase PensOh, and look here! Need more neon dry erase pens? Get them here for less than $2 apiece instead of paying more at your local store, if they even have them.

All different colors too, so you won’t get board, I mean bored.