DIY Chalkboard Paint Colors

Chalkboard Paint Colors - 3 ways to buy or make them and how to save money

Options #1 & #2:

Surprisingly, you can buy chalkboard paint in a variety of different colors. All you do is go to your local paint store or home improvement store and buy tint-able chalkboard paint. Next, have the person at the paint counter tint it to one of the 12 color options.

Option #3:

Tip: You can easily mix colored chalkboard paint yourself. It’s almost as easy as having the store tint the paint for you. Plus, this simple trick saves you a lot of money (and you’re not limited to only 12 colors).

Simple Steps to Make the Paint:

First, buy a can of flax latex paint. Next, mix in some tile grout, baking soda, corn starch or plaster of paris. You can find the DIY chalkboard paint recipes here.

They all work equally as well, and many people basically use whichever ingredient the happen to have on hand. (This cuts the cost even more!)

Therefore, any paint color you can find at your paint store is available to you as a chalkboard color. Create a color to match the existing walls in your house, your kitchen appliances, furniture or something else. I’m thinking of even more ideas as I write this!

Note: Use paint without primer when making your own chalk paint because the primer tends to gunk up to “chalk” additives.

Demonstration on How to Make Different Chalkboard Paint Colors:

That’s all there is to it. Now, you may find yourself using chalk paint more often, right?