How to Defrost a Mini Fridge in 60 Minutes

Whether you have a chalkboard fridge or not – if you have a mini refrigerator, you will most likely need to defrost it at some point. Below are the steps on how to defrost your fridge quickly, and it’s surprisingly simple.

How to Defrost a Mini Fridge Fast:

How to Defrost a Mini Fridge or Compact Refrgerator in 60 Minutes or Less1. Unplug your fridge.

2. Take all items out of your refrigerator and/or freezer and put them in a cooler with a lid. If you don’t have a cooler (or one big enough), you could unload everything into a bathtub.

3. Open the door/doors to your mini fridge and leave them open for 60 minutes. If you have a lot of frost buildup in the freezer, you may want to place a towel on the floor in front of the open door just in case the defrosting ice comes tumbling out.

4. Come back to your fridge in 60 minutes, and the ice should have started melting away enough so that you can gently (I said gently!) pull the ice away. Don’t try to stick a screwdriver in and wedge the ice out. This can wreck the sides of the appliance and then you’ll be angry!

5. If the ice is being difficult, use a warm wet washcloth to gently (Did I mention gently?) work out the ice. Ice is usually not difficult, especially if you are defrosting your mini fridge every 3-6 months.

6. Plug the refrigerator back in and reload it with all your food and drinks.

Some Tips for Easier/Faster Defrosting:

1. Choose a warm and/or sunny day and move your fridge in the sun. it works wonders, and your little appliance may be defrosted in as little as 30 minutes.

2. If your compact appliance has 2 sections (a refrigerator and separate freezer department. you can leave your food in the fridge and simply leave the door open to the freezer while defrosting. If you have enough space, it helps to move the freezer items into the fridge to maintain the chill while the defrosting process is happening.

3. The more often you defrost the mini fridge, the less time it takes and the easier it becomes. (duh!)

Don’t Be Afraid!

Don’t be afraid of manual defrost appliances! There’s no stopping the mini fridge freezer ice build up, so you might as well have fun with it! When you do regularly-scheduled maintenance and have an easy system in place – it’s a snap. You can watch your favorite TV show while you’re doing it, make dinner – or even go to the grocery store to buy more food.

What About Full-Size?

With a larger manual defrost refrigerator, you can apply this same strategy, but the process will take longer. I suggest two things: (1) don’t decide to start when you have a ton of frozen food, plan for a time when there are minimal items and (2) getting a bag of ice for your cooler or bathtub before your begin your project.