Weekly Menu Chalkboard – What’s Best for Meal Planning?

Do you want an easy way to plan family meals throughout the week? This erasable (and reusable) weekly menu chalkboard makes meal planning easy, plus it comes with a monthly calendar!

Weekly Menu Chalkboard for the Kitchen Fridge

Advantages of this Meal Planner Chalkboard:

The menu board has ample space for daily meals, and it also provides room for a grocery list and notes. In addition, it comes with colorful chalk markers and an eraser.

Furthermore, everything sticks to the fridge magnetically so you can easily find it. Not to mention, you don’t have to find a spot on the wall to hang a chalkboard.

However, this meal planning kit comes with more than just a weekly menu template. It also includes a monthly calendar. Therefore, you can use it for different activities or plan further into the future.

Kitchen Menu Board and Monthly Calendar for Family Planning, Scheduling on Fridge

How Does this Magnetic Meal Planner Compare to Others?

Compared to other chalkboard menu decals, you get more for your money with this 2-for-1 package deal. Plus, you get the markers, erasers, spray bottle and re-usable stickers.

In other words, you get everything you need in one kit without having to purchase extra items. In my opinion, this is an impressive deal for under $20.

Fridge Chalkboard Menu Comparison

On top of that, the chalkboard is twice as thick, making it more magnetic. This feature is important, especially when used on vertical swinging doors. I mean, we don’t want our calendars slipping around, right?

Calendar and Menu Template Dimensions for Magnetic Fridge DecalsIn addition, the board surface has an upgraded laminate coating. As a result, the finish cleans more easily and lasts longer.

You might have also noticed that the menu and calendar boxes provide a good amount of space for writing. The template almost goes to the edge of the board, plus the fine lines maximize the writeable area.

Plus, using a pre-printed template makes meal planning much easier and better organized. Creating your own DIY chalkboard menu can be fun, however, it does involve more work.

What Comes in the Menu/Calendar Kit:

  1. Weekly Menu Planner (11″ Wide x 17″ Tall)
  2. Monthly Calendar (17″ Wide x 11″ Tall)
  3. 5 Liquid Chalk Markers (different colors)
  4. Magnetic Eraser
  5. Empty Spray Bottle
  6. Sheet of 30 Reusable Icon Stickers

    Chalkboard Fridge Calendar and Menu Set Features and Accessories

    Together, these 2 chalkboard planners make it easy to schedule family meals, appointments and reminders throughout the month. Alternatively, you can use them to plan homework, chores, achieve fitness goals or other important activities.

    In any case, these refrigerator chalkboards provide an easy and effective communication spot for busy families. You can stay organized, be more productive in a fun, convenient way.

    Note: Plus, you get to “wipe the slate clean” each week or month. Plan the next month’s upcoming activities and the weekly menu without having to buy more calendars. What a great way to save money! =)

    The Easy Way to Clean Your Chalkboard Menu:

    Conveniently, this kit comes with a spray bottle plus a magnetic white board eraser. Simply fill the sprayer with water, spray your chalkboard and wipe it clean.

    These chalkboards (or black dry erase boards) have a unique friction laminated surface that prevents chalk/pens from leaving remnant marks on the surface. Therefore, cleaning is fast and easy. Plus, your menu and calendar always have a fresh, clean look.

    Specs for the Weekly Menu Chalkboard Set:

    • Includes Both Monthly Calendar & Weekly Menu
    • Dimensions: 17″ Tall x 11″ Wide
    • Weight: 13 ounces
    • Color: Black
    • Magnetic
    • Brand: Lushleaf Designs
    • Made in the USA
    • For Sale: Where to Buy the Chalkboard Meal Planner


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