How to Make an Easy Chalkboard Table Runner for $7

Chalkboard Table Runner
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The holidays are fast approaching. What better way to host a festive event than with a writable surface at the dinner table? No need to spend a lot of money buying fancy Christmas tablecloths – a basic chalkboard paper roll will do the trick!

Not only is this an easy way to keep kids entertained, but a chalkboard table runner makes it simple to create seating assignments, label dishes or drinks. Of course, it is also an inexpensive way to design a one-of-a-kind centerpiece. Plus, is both decorative and functional at the same time.

Guests will remember the fun, creative decor. At the same time, you will not have to spend much money, time or effort putting it into place. That’s what the holidays are about anyways; having fun and creating great memories, right?

Using Chalkboard Contact Paper

Chalkboard Contact PaperThe great thing about this DIY project is that a single roll of chalkboard contact paper is typically about 6 – 6 1/2 feet in length. This is usually plenty long enough for a dinner table, so only one roll is needed to create 1 continuous runner.

Rolls are generally 18″ wide, so if you want a wider writing surface – or have 2 separate panels that run down each side of the table under plates – or prefer to cover the entire surface like a “chalkboard tablecloth”, just get the amount you need.

Many packages cost under $10 but if you shop around a little, you can find them for under $7. Another cost-saving feature of chalkboard table runners is that they sometimes can be re-used (or you can keep the scribbles and drawings as a memory of your fun evening with friends and family).

Although the contact paper is the cheapest option, another way to do this is to paint a sheet of vinyl. Although this costs more and is more time consuming, it allows you to use tint-able chalkboard paint and therefore make a green or red table runner (or any color for that matter). I’d start at the remnant section of your local fabric store to see if you can find a cheap piece. Here’s how to do it yourself.


Chalkboard Colored Pens

Now, if you are going with a colorful surface, you may not want colored chalk. However, if you are using a black table runner, a set of liquid chalk markers are a lot more fun and festive.

They will probably cost more than $10, but you can use them multiple times on lots of different occasions. They are also great for making labels for containers in the pantry, office, etc..

Chalk Cloth

Now, if you want to take your DIY project a step further with a more long-lasting runner, consider chalk cloth (yes there is such a thing!) The video below explains how to do it:


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