2020 Kitchen Trends: Slate Gray Refrigerators [DIY Style]

Do you want to make upgrades to your kitchen that give you good value for the money you spend? Look at popular trends that incorporate colors, materials and designs that will last many years. For example, slate gray refrigerators.

Gray Fridge
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One of the latest trends in kitchen colors – and appliances – is gray. Gray is quickly growing in popularity, with only white and off white more popular.

This is according to PartSelect.com in a 2014 study. HGTV even did a modern gray kitchen makeover that also included a concrete countertop.

Check out this remodel of a gray-painted kitchen:

There, of course, are many shades of gray, but they are all considered neutral colors while showing dirt less than white. Gray can work in a modern style home, traditional, country, contemporary and more. It is very versatile.

Stainless steel appliances have been popular in the past, but they are known for showing smudges, which appear quite frequently in the kitchen. Possibly for this reason, gray appliances are showing up more and more.

Instead of buying brand new appliances, especially a refrigerator, why not paint them gray? They can be painted to match your kitchen cabinets or simply give your kitchen an updated look – on the cheap.

Since chalkboard paint can be tinted, you can paint your fridge virtually any shade you want. Maybe you want it to match your walls or cupboards exactly, or maybe you want it a shade darker so that you can write on it or decorate it with white chalk.

Whatever the case may be, you have several options. Chalkboard paint can make your fridge look like an art piece or a casual writing center, but it can also give your kitchen a more upscale designer look like slate.

Yes, stainless steel appliances can look great in a kitchen that has gray-painted cabinetry, as shown in the photo below. However, if your appliances are white or black, you might want to consider painting them a slate color, or even paint them stainless steel.

The study I mentioned above also mentions that other kitchen design trends for 2014 are:

  1. Repurposed Furnishings
  2. Clean, Simple Lines
  3. A Mix of “Unexpected” Textures and Materials

Does this sound like chalkboard paint to anyone? Hello?

You can get a lot of bang for your buck with a little can of paint and an afternoon of your time. The paint doesn’t have to be black or bright. Go neutral and sophisticated if you’re worried about making your kitchen look cheap. Houzz even advertises a modern “stone gray” refrigerator that sells for over $3000.00. Check it out to see how nice this shade can look on an appliance.

Another hot trend in kitchen design is incorporating artistic details, according to Better Homes and Gardens. In fact, some homeowners go out of their way to find unique one-of-a-kind pieces or vintage stoves or sinks to add character to the room. Giving an old fridge a fresh coat of paint, especially in a modern yet neutral color can give your home a significant lift, without the high cost.

So why not take a second look at buying (or painting) a gray refrigerator? In addition to being a cool new trend that can add value and style to your kitchen, the color is very traditional and therefore will keep its designer appeal for a long, long time.


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