Painting Appliances: How-To Tips

dishwasherPainting appliances can be an inexpensive way to transform an ugly kitchen into a stylish and sophisticated space. Instead of buying new equipment or re-facing them, you can use spray paint for a fraction of the cost – and no one will know the difference!

You can either paint your appliances to match and blend in with the surrounding kitchen cabinetry or you can paint them to match each other but stand out from the rest of the kitchen (ie stainless steel look). You can also paint your washing machine and dryer and brighten up a dull laundry room!

What Paint Should You Get?

Get special appliance paint because it bonds better. It’s also super durable and is designed to resist scratches, etc.. You will also be able to wash it – a must for a well-used appliance. Remember – you don’t want it to look like you painted it!

If you are painting something where the surface gets hot, like a stovetop or oven, you will want to use heat resistant paint. You can even get a liquid stainless steel stove & dishwasher kit if you want to match them to a stainless steel fridge.

You can get either spray paint or brush-on paint, but the spray type will give you a smoother finish and look more professional. Get the brush-on type to fix dings if necessary.

Prep Work:

Do all preparation beforehand for a great looking finish. This means cleaning the item’s surface with acetone or alcohol and lightly sanding rust areas if necessary. Appliance paint is more forgiving than regular paint because of it’s thickness, so some minor scratches that you have may simply disappear. (Sweet!)

Use multiple light coats for best coverage, so make sure to get enough cans. This, of course will depend on how much painting you will be doing. (a 12 oz can of epoxy spray paint generally covers up to 15 squat feet).

What About Handles and Hardware?

Probably the easiest way to deal with appliance hardware is to remove it. Tape around it and cover it if you can’t. In some cases, you can leave the handles unpainted and they look perfectly fine. In other situations, you may want to paint them to match. In either case, I would remove them before painting.

The finished look of freshly painted appliances is really impressive. If you are trying to sell your home or rent it out, this will definitely make an impression on potential buyers or renters. If you simply want to enjoy your “new” kitchen for yourself, you will because your appliances will look amazing and you will have saved tons of money!